Blake Shelton Stopped By To Say Hello!

Recently divorced country singer Blake Shelton has managed to lose more than 30 pounds. He is surely ready to be a bachelor again. Remember the chubby singer that we loved seeing on the famous show The Voice? He is more fit and slimmer than ever. Blake joked lately that being divorced was one of the best diets he had ever tried. After getting divorced, he persuaded himself to change his outlook on life. Anybody will be shocked by his before and after pictures look.

blake shelton

The famous country singer managed to change his diet radically in order to achieve his weight loss target. Without further ado, let’s dive into the details. After discussing with his coach, we realized that Blake hacked his metabolism in order to accelerate his weight loss progress. In just 8 weeks, he lost more than 30 pounds while gaining 7 pounds of muscle. I know, you are amazed too. Take a closer look at the foods that he eliminated entirely from his diet and what were calling the Blake Shelton Weight Loss Plan.

Fried Foods.

We all know that eating fried foods is a recipe for disaster. Although Blake loves fried chicken and pickles he knew that in order to achieve his goal he had to eliminate them.

Peanut Butter.

Everybody loves peanut butter. The biggest problem of peanut butter consumption is that it contains 200 calories per two tablespoons. As soon as you add this food to your daily eating routine, you will definitely start gaining some weight. Blake loved eating peanut butter but was forced by his trainer to cut it entirely from his diet.

Refined Carbohydrates.

Bad carbs like cereal, chips, cookies, crackers and bread spike your levels of blood sugar while causing your body to stock fat. With the help of his coach, Blake managed to minimize his refined carbohydrates consumption.

A well-structured diet not only eliminates certain foods but also adds important ingredients that boost your weight loss efforts. Let’s find out what ingredients Blake added to his diet.

Whole eggs.

One of the most effective weight loss ways is to kick-start your muscle building hormones, like testosterone. As soon as you increase the levels of testosterone in your body, you become more energized and you lose more weight. Blake consumed 3 eggs during breakfast and before going to bed.

Frozen Yoghurt.

No, we didn’t lose our mind. Consuming sugar after resistance training transfers the amino acids into your cells, which initiate the synthesis of protein. This procedure is known as the first stage of muscle growth.When your body carries some extra weight of muscle mass, you will burn more calories as your perform your daily activities and tasks.

Last but not least, when seeing new shots of Blake, you will notice that he also looks way more muscular and lean. Don’t get me wrong, a proper diet can make a huge difference in how your body looks, but nothing beats a proper workout schedule. Blake followed a 4 day a week program that was specifically designed for burning fat and building muscles. He performed this custom program for 8 straight weeks in order to achieve these extraordinary results. Now that you know what this famous country singer did to change his physique, it’s time to give it a try.